WHY – The London Lounge first opened in April 2013 and quickly became one of the best loved foreign bars in Zhuhai, famed for its tasty, clean food and drink using only the best ingredients and its incredible atmosphere and specials.

WHERE – The London Lounge – Zhuhai’s Authentic British Pub & Restaurant. The London Lounge opened in April 2013 and in December 2016 moved to a new flagship venue in Zhuhai’s soon to be latest tourist attraction LETS Cultural District. A large park area with cultural events and many food & beverage options. See below for map and detailed directions.

SPORT – We’ve got 2 HD projectors, 5 HD televisions, a state of the art internet TV box and Chinese cable TV meaning we can bring you live sports from the around the world including:

 Barclays Premier League  LFP  Bundesliga
 Serie A  The FA Cup  UEFA Champions League
 NBA  RBS 6 Nations  Super Rugby
 NRL  Heineken Cup  Aviva Premiership Rugby
 AFL  NFL  Formula 1
 Major League Baseball  PGA Tour  ATP World Tour
 Cricket  Ashes  FIFA World Cup
 Euro 2016  Wimbledon  UFC


All of these sports and more, LIVE in Zhuhai at The London Lounge.

PRIVATE EVENTS – The London Lounge is a great place to hold your private party, corporate event or Christmas party, please get in touch with the management team so we can tailor-make a proposal for you. We can host parties with bespoke packages from 20 people up to 120 people.

DRINK – We are the only foreign owned bar in Zhuhai with a proper Cold Room and Craft Brews. We have 8 craft brews on tap including Brewdog Punk IPA and more including an incredible craft cider from New Zealand. We have a full wine menu including greats from Bordeaux and Corbieres in France, Australia, Chile and more. Our spirits are so good we use Russian Standard as our house vodka!

EAT – Open daily for dinner from 4:00pm we have some of the best western food in Zhuhai and Guangdong, using only the freshest imported ingredients, we are even home to Zhuhai’s most famous burger and a full Gourmet Burger menu. We also have Zhuhai’s only donor kebab. Totally we have 10 types of pizza made in our Stone based ovens for incredible flavour and 10 types of burgers, including a vegetarian burger! We also have a full range of fresh salads, sandwiches, imported fish & chips, children’s menu and more.

LISTEN – We love live music at The London Lounge and probably no bar has done more for the music scene in Zhuhai than us. Every Friday and Saturday we have great live acts from all around the world. On special nights we even let the customers play – are you good enough to join one of our bands?


为什么 – 伦敦廊始创于2013年4月,并迅速成为了珠海最受欢迎的外国酒吧之一。酒吧干净美味的食物,全部使用进口材料并有着特色的超棒氛围。

地址– 新伦敦廊坐落在珠海新开的文化区,前山贷山路70号乐士文化区B栋。乐士文化区是在天虹商场后面。

饮品– 进口生啤包括伦敦之巅,1664白生啤酒以及老虎啤酒。我们有着丰富的葡萄酒单,有来自法国的波尔多和可贝尔地区,澳大利亚以及智利的葡萄酒。我们的招牌洋酒更是独家拥有来自俄罗斯的俄罗斯丹达伏特加。

– 我们每天中文4:00开放,我们有着一些全珠海甚至是全广东最好吃的西方特色食物,采用最新鲜的上好进口材料,并拥有着珠海最出名的牛肉汉堡和独一无二的烤羊肉卷以及农夫腌火腿。我们总共有10种汉堡和10种比萨,汉堡更包含了鹰嘴豆为主的素食汉堡!除此之外我们的菜单还广泛的包涵了新鲜沙拉,三明治,炸鱼薯条,儿童餐等等

– 伦敦廊热爱音乐,并为珠海的音乐现场做出了很大的贡献,每个周五和周六我们都有来自世界各地的音乐人来到伦敦廊演出,在一些特别的晚上我们还让客人上台参与演出哦,你唱歌好听吗?


Building B, LETS Cultural District, 70 Daishan Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai.
13798987282 (中) 18688180377 (EN)

Most taxi drivers know Daishan Lu in Qianshan so the best directions are go to Daishan Lu in Qianshan (前山贷山路) and the road to LETS is next to Apple House Cafe halfway between Tian Hong (Rainbow) Mall (天虹商场) and the Coca Cola factory (可口可乐工厂). Head into the park and we’re in 2nd building on the left.


If the taxi driver doesn’t know the address or you can’t find us, you can call Jimmy on 13798987282 or Martyn on 18688180377.
如果的士司机清楚地址或者您还是找不到店址,可以拨打 13798987282 Jimmy

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